Our kids need us now more than ever; they’re not pawns in decades old grudges. Let’s appreciate our schools and support a system in forward thinking ways. 

I have two kids in CMS; I’m familiar with the school system and believe wholeheartedly in public education. As with all things, there are flaws, but I believe we have ways to fix what’s wrong and mend the broken relationship between CMS and Matthews. 

Public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, and homeschooling are incredible opportunities for our kids to learn in ways most compatible with their personal learning style. In 2018, Matthews residents overwhelmingly spoke against HB514, the “Charter School Bill,” but the Matthews Board, in a split vote (Bailey, Melton, Query, and Urban voted for) supported the new legislation. HB514 changes the way charter schools are funded but do not guarantee buses to get our kids to school, a cafeteria for lunches, or even standard training for classroom teachers. What would a municipal charter do? Raise our taxes and resegregate our community.

Matthews needs to approach CMS with solutions rather than a grudge. We can, as adults, figure out what’s best for our kids, mine included.