A complicated problem that needs a multi-faceted approach. That means working harder than ever with a clear vision for the future of Matthews. My sleeves are already rolled up to get the job done.  

Solving traffic and transportation issues is complicated. Resolving these issues, though, starts with a fully funded Police Department, one that can enforce speed limits (and parking issues) without short-changing other law enforcement duties.

In fighting John Street I learned many things, the most important is that more lanes does not mean less traffic. We need to take a multi-faceted approach. What does that include?

  • Safe pedestrian options, not just for the downtown area. We all love to sing the praises of “pedestrian-friendly Matthews.” In the past year and a half, three pedestrians have died walking in town. There were four pedestrian deaths in the entire decade prior.
  • Convenient access to transit. Developers need to include safe, comfortable, attractive bus stops in new construction.
  • Examining transit needs of Matthews residents and closely working with CATS to ensure those needs are better met.
  • Connectivity: We cannot continue to allow neighborhoods and multi-family developments to funnel cars onto one, already congested road.
  • Multi-Modal Transportation: As a mom there have been too many times where I could bike somewhere but didn’t feel safe putting my kids in the bike trailer. 

One of the beauties of tackling transportation issues is the interdependency of transit and affordability. While “affordable housing” is a greatly talked about, we can ease congestion and increase available affordable living spaces for our nurses, teachers, police and firefighters by working hard at finding transportation solutions.